Please see our Quick Answers below for frequently asked questions. If for any reason you need further assistance or simply need to discuss questions in detail, don’t hesitate to contact us by email at info@aquanitafoods.com or by phone at 305-444-8661

Who are your typical customers?

Distributors and Restaurants

What is included when placing an order with Aquanita Foods?

We negotiate raw material in behalf of our customer, and handle all processing and packaging according to customer specifications with on-site quality control in each packing facility. We also handle freight, FDA-clearing upon arrival in the U.S. and dryage.

How do you ensure accountability?

All of our cases have lot numbers for traceability, production dates and expiration date.

What does IVP mean?

Individually vacuum packed

What does IQF mean?

Individually quick frozen

What does shatter pack mean?

Shatter pack fillets are stacked together on a large tray, and block/quick frozen, so the fillets take up less space in a freezer.

What does IWP mean?

Each fillet or whole fish is individually wrapped packed in nylon for ease of handling when separated.

What is CO2 treatment?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) treatment is used to achieve red lines on the fillets.

What is STPP?

Sodium tripolyphosphate — a salt-based chemical added to fillets for water retention. When customers request “chem free,” they are referring to no STPP during the processing.

How long does frozen seafood last in the freezer?

Frozen seafood has an 18-month shelf life.

What does WR mean?

Whole round fish.

What does WGS mean?

Whole fish gutted and scaled.

What does FAS mean?

Free alongside ship

What does FOB mean?

Free on board

What does CFR mean?

Cost and freight

What does CIF mean?

Costs, insurance and freight

What does DDP mean?

Delivery duty paid