Aquanita Foods is a Hispanic, family-owned, international trading company dedicated to serving a growing global base of distribution and retail customers. Aquanita is able to satisfy its customers’ requirements and meet the evolving demands of consumers’, sourcing, transporting and delivering containers of food products. Our mission is to provide high quality products, competitive prices, and exceptional customer service. Our processing plants are HACCP/ BRC/ FDA and MSC certified and approved for exports to the United States, European Union, Caribbean, Mexico, Canada and Latin America.

Aquanita Foods, previously known as Atlantis Miami was co-founded in 2004 by Icelandic based company Atlantis Iceland and President / CEO Yvonne Mesegue. Together, they spared no detail in providing its customers with a constant streamline of product, with a distinct focus on Quality Control Procedures.

Aquanita Foods target customer base, since inception, is wholesalers, food service, supermarkets, national restaurant chains and distributors in the United States, Mexico, Canada, South America, The Caribbean, and Central America.

Today, Aquanita Foods is recognized in the industry as a leader in Frozen Perishable Imports, successfully managed and operated by a team of highly professional and knowledgeable individuals with extensive training in logistics, HACCP, USDC, Labeling and import regulations.

Those who work with Aquanita Foods can rest assured that it would be an enjoyable and productive business experience. We take care of everything, so you can take care of your business. Whether its frozen Tilapia, Rabbit or French Fries, we pack for the most demanding customers, we only use world-renowned inspection companies, tracking and monitoring every container from the moment it is loaded and sealed until the seal is removed by your trusted receiver. Most importantly, we guarantee that Aquanita aggressively negotiates the lowest price for its products and freight.